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These objects that marked the 90s

The '90s, a decade often associated with an era of technological innovation and booming pop culture, saw the emergence of many iconic objects that left their mark on an entire generation. Whether you're nostalgic for the 90s or simply curious to discover what made hearts beat back then, let's dive into a retro journey to explore the key objects of this unforgettable decade.

Tamagotchi, the virtual pet: In 1996, the Tamagotchi was launched, a small egg-shaped electronic device containing a virtual pet. Children and teenagers had to feed, play and take care of their Tamagotchi to keep it alive. This gadget quickly (was banned from playgrounds!) captivated the world, becoming a cultural phenomenon.

Game Boy, the portable gaming revolution: Launched by Nintendo in 1989, the Game Boy revolutionized the world of portable video games. With iconic titles like "Tetris" and "Pokémon", this console has given gamers an unparalleled gaming experience, even on the go!

Furby, the Interactive Creature: In 1998, Tiger Electronics introduced Furby, a small robotic toy that could talk, move and respond to human interactions. With its ability to "learn" and "talk", Furby has quickly become a must-have for the holiday season.

Walkman and Discman , music on the move: Before the era of smartphones and MP3 players, Sony's Walkman (cassette player) and Discman (CD player) allowed music lovers to listen to their favorite music anywhere. Or. These devices marked a turning point in portable music consumption.

Pogs, the collecting game: Pogs were small cardboard discs used in a board game very popular among children in the 90s. The goal was to collect and win other players' Pogs.

Iconic sneakers : Sneaker fashion exploded in the 90s with iconic models like Nike's Air Jordan and the Reebok Pump. These shoes were not only sporty items, but also style statements. Obviously, they are one of our favorite elements! Find our modern take on 90s sneakers here .

Cell Phones : Although bulky and expensive, the first cell phones began to become more common in the 1990s. These devices laid the foundation for mobile communication as we know it today.

Yak Bak and Talkboy : The Yak Bak and Talkboy were popular toys that allowed children to record and play back sounds and voices. These gadgets have added a touch of fun and creativity to children's games.

Slap bracelets : Fabric-covered metal bracelets that wrapped around the wrist with a simple slap were a popular fashion accessory on playgrounds.

Polly Pocket : These little dolls and their miniature silicone clothes have been the subject of numerous collections.

DVD and DVD players : DVD began to replace VHS tapes, offering better picture and sound quality.

With a touch of melancholy, we revisited the cult objects of the 90s, witnesses of a bygone era. Technological progress has made these icons of yesteryear obsolete: the flip phone has given way to the smartphone, the walkman has undergone multiple evolutions before merging into a mobile application, and so on. However, against all expectations, today we are rediscovering these 90s emblems which are resurfacing in our daily lives: vintage vinyls, watches and sneakers compete for the spotlight with current connected trends.

It is in this spirit that iné draws its inspiration, paying homage to this emblematic decade while meeting contemporary challenges. The brand offers sneakers with a timeless design, designed in an eco-responsible approach using recycled materials, thus combining the essence of the 90s with modern environmental awareness.

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