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personne qui lit un journal "iné le blog" avec des sneakers au pieds, la question est "pourquoi choisir de limiter l'envoi de nos newsletters"

Why choose to limit the sending of our newsletters?

At iné, we have made the intentional decision to limit the frequency of our newsletters to reduce our socio-ecological impact. But why is reducing the number of newsletters more responsible?

1 | Bring value

We firmly believe that every newsletter should provide real value to our subscribers. By reducing the frequency of our mailings, we ensure that each message is carefully crafted and filled with useful and relevant content . This allows us to focus on creating well-researched articles, how-to guides, and valuable information rather than just producing content in a hurry.


2 | From newsletter to spam (junk mail)

In a world where inboxes are constantly bombarded with messages, we want to avoid contributing to this overload. Receiving a newsletter should not be a burden but a pleasure. We understand that our subscribers already receive a multitude of emails every day and that each new message can become a source of distraction or overconsumption. As a responsible brand, this seems counterproductive and invasive to us. By limiting our newsletters, we ensure our communications remain fresh and welcome.


3 | When emails generate pollution

In addition to taking up space in our inboxes, and therefore creating visual pollution, newsletters are very energy intensive. Sending, receiving, storing and viewing emails requires significant electricity consumption by the data centers that host these services. But that's not all, unlike a classic email, their design and content (attachments, photos and videos) are particularly voluminous and therefore increase their impact. All this exchange of data is extremely harmful and useless when we see that most of these messages end up as spam. By deciding to limit our newsletters to the strict minimum, we avoid contributing to this loss of energy.

Because we respect our subscribers' time and attention, sending only crucial and relevant information, we ensure that each email is anticipated with interest and appreciated for its content. This approach allows us to maintain a positive relationship with our subscribers, as well as better interaction. This allows us to continually improve and ensure that each newsletter is better than the last.

We hope this overview of our approach to newsletters has shed some light on the reasons behind our choices. Because we too would like to receive fewer newsletters, we act in accordance with our values. We are always listening to your suggestions and feedback to continue improving our communication, so do not hesitate to contact us! 😉

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