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Our sneaker

The fashion industry didn't have it, we created it.

Inspired by the 90s.

Inspired by the iconic sneaker design of the 90s, we wanted to recreate the unique atmosphere and nostalgia of our youth with the "Vibes" model. His style draws inspiration from the golden age of basketball and tennis shoes, capturing the casual spirit and pop culture of that era.

The clean lines and vintage details of the "Vibes" pay homage to the iconic pairs that left their mark, while bringing a touch of modernity. A true journey through time, this model will revive the memories of seasoned basketball players and streetwear fans alike, by skillfully combining retro and contemporary.

Style yes, but comfort too.

For us, not having multiple pairs of sneakers is also one of the responsible actions to adopt to avoid overconsumption. This is why we designed Iné sneakers, fashionable and versatile sneakers. Equipped with a technical sole inspired by running shoes, they offer excellent support and optimal comfort for your daily trips around town. Their design also makes them perfectly suited to simple hikes and outdoor walks. Easy to maintain, these sneakers will accompany you for a long time, whatever your activity.

Technology for sustainability.

Our goal was to design a shoe that was not only environmentally friendly, but also designed to last over time.

According to a study carried out on our material, our sneakers have a lifespan 5 times longer than that of a pair made from traditional petroleum materials. Choosing BioVeg is therefore choosing sustainability.

Thanks to this commitment to innovation and eco-design, we offer a truly sustainable alternative that pushes the limits of the current offer by combining respect for the environment and great robustness.

At Iné, we only believe what we see...

And we're sure you will too!

So we recap:


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