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Reduce your carbon footprint

Choosing Iné means reducing your carbon footprint with a pair of sneakers (Vibes) which emits only 5.58 kg of CO2 (Waro, 2023)

An alarming observation from the sneaker industry.

For comparison, a Made in China shoe made from petroleum generates 14 kg of CO2 (Waro, 2023). In the graph below, we have evaluated the different stages of the life cycle of an Iné sneaker VS Made in China sneakers designed without recycled materials:

The place of Manufacture: a not so easy decision.

Contrary to popular belief, transportation is not the most energy-intensive step in shoe production. The geographical position and infrastructure of the workshop constitute the majority of carbon consumption. Indeed, in China, where a large part of the shoe industry is located, the energy supply is generated mainly by coal, a very polluting source. Iné therefore turned to Portugal for the manufacture of its sneakers in accordance with its environmental commitments since our workshop produces its energy sustainably thanks to solar panels placed directly on the roofs of the building.

Iné therefore combines bold style, technological innovation, supreme comfort and commitment to sustainable development for a sneaker with a low carbon footprint.


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