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Iné's logic

For Iné, being (eco)logical means learning to do things differently, renewing what you have acquired.


Since 2018, our team has surrounded itself to succeed in an unprecedented challenge: making a sneaker that combines fashion and eco-responsibility.

Our co-founder explains: “while looking for a pair of sneakers, I ran into a supply problem: no brand offered sneakers that were fashionable , unisex , animal-free and designed with eco-responsible materials. Since the fashion industry didn't have it, we created it.”.


After nearly 5 years of research and development , we managed to design the sneakers of our dreams. An adventure that took time because of the few suppliers who could meet our requirements, which were avant-garde for the time.


"I'm perfect"

We are convinced that offering responsible fashion is not incidental but fundamental.

Against fast fashion, we choose to combine durability, quality and pleasure at a fair price to guarantee you wear a product that makes you proud. In short, feeling good in your sneakers is innate.

Aware that nothing is perfect and that perfection is achieved , it is step by step that we want to offer you an alternative solution without constraining you.

Because everything remains to be reinvented, that's why we chose to create Iné.


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